Codex Wallet Bot (HRC20)

The 'Codex Wallet Bot' is a tip bot on Telegram that is connected to the HTMLCoin blockchain, which allows users to have the capability of checking their balance, public address, and private key. There is also an option to become a VIP. This is for the users that want the full functionality of our bot including lifetime membership, daily airdrops, monthly airdrops, airdrop log, discounted listings, and many more future developments to come. Users can currently purchase VIP for 100K HTMLCoin. Users that hold over 100K 'CDEX' token in their wallet will get 50% off when purchasing VIP (50K HTMLCoin).


The 'CodexWalletBot' has an array of features including:


  • Tipping 'HTMLCoin' and HRC20 tokens

  • Checking Balance, Public Address, and Private Key

  • Sending Wallet to Wallet

  • Changing Wallets

  • Raining Tokens to Users

  • Lifetime Membership for VIPs



Disclaimer: The monthly airdrops and daily airdrops are not intended as payment for being a VIP, but rather as a free distribution and gift to VIPs to use the software as well as future Codex builds. Neither daily airdrops nor monthly airdrops are guaranteed

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More About The Codex Wallet Bot (HRC20)

The inspiration behind 'CodexWalletBot' came from replicating healthy ecosystems of other existing blockchains in the crypto space. Tip bots like, Seedit, Robominer, and Parjar have demonstrated the success of bringing users to the blockchain space via Social Media. By presenting users with a simple interface to send and receive HRC20 tokens on, it makes sending and receiving transactions more user friendly.  

Codex Wallet Bot on Twitter