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About the Community Tokens 

Token Name: BUNK

Website: https://htmlbunker.com/

Whitepaper: ?


 HTMLBunker is the first exchange in the world totally dedicated to HTMLCoin with more than 30 top pairs. HTMLBunker arose from the concept and need to contribute to the HTMLCoin community and crypto community as a whole.

Token Name: XOLA

Website: https://xoladev.github.io/

Whitepaper: ?


A free-to-community project built using contract-oriented Solidity on the Althash platform. Designed to be a flexible, configurable, yet secure HRC20 Token Smart Contract with XOLA Protection Factor (Simulated Proof-of-Stake).

Token Name: AutoSalesWear (ASW)

Website: https://www.autosaleswear.com/

Whitepaper: https://www.autosaleswear.com/whitepaper


Auto Sales Wear is a startup company that is working with an (undisclosed) printing company to create the 'highest quality shirts users can find'. These limited editions shirts will be truly authentic with a numbered, autographed certificate.

Token Name: Roy

Website: https://roycoin.co.kr/

Whitepaper: https://roycoin.co.kr/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/white-paperRoy-1.3En-3.pdf


Roy starts with the token used in the shopping malls and will extend to the use of music lessons and psychological counseling. The reason for this is to reduce speculation and drive real utility.


Website: http://biffytoken.site/token_factory.php

Whitepaper: http://biffytoken.site/white_paper.php


The Biffy family of tokens was created for fun. Initially, the fun was simply in the name. Since then, it has grown into the learning of contract programming, rewards in tokens, and rewards in htmlcoin.

Token Name: Photizo (PHO)

Website: https://althash.org/

Whitepaper: ?


Photizo is an app focused on spreading bible knowledge amongst the wide crypto community. Users earn 'PHO' by answering questions correctly.

Token Name: Cryptic Mag (MAG)

Website: https://althash.org/

Whitepaper: ?


Involved in the redeeming of rewards found inside your Cryptic Magazine. To redeem your prize view the "redeem" tab, then enter the code found inside your magazine along with your destination wallet.

Token Name: Codex (CDEX)

Website: https://www.codexonalthash.com/ 

Whitepaper: Whitepaper



Codex token is used in the Codex ecosystem, primarily as an access token to VIP features on the Codex Wallet Bot.

Token Name: Rain (RAIN)

Website: https://t.me/HRC20_Token_Room

Whitepaper: ?


Rain token was created to be utilized in testing of the 'Codex Wallet Bot'. 'RAIN' will also be earned in the future by using the / rain function, which will mine 1 RAIN token based on size of rain.

Screen Shot 2019-12-26 at 5.27.20 PM.png
Untitled design (16).png

Token Name: Love & Smile (LOVE / SMILE)

Website: https://t.me/smilenlove

Whitepaper: ?


10 Smiles = 1 Love. And 1 Love = 1 HTMLCoin. Users get airdrops of Smile via codex bot, or you can also buy 5 smiles with 1 HTMLCoin. You can exchange Smile with Love and then You can Hold or exchange love with HTMLCoin. If you buy Smile that qty will be burned. If users donate again it will increase the value of Love.

Token Name: Super Fun (SFUN)

Website: https://superfuntoken.com/

Whitepaper: https://superfuntoken.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/SUPERFUN-TOKEN-WHITEPAPER2020-1.docx


REWARD People for Joke Telling: Knock Knock Jokes, One-Liner, Riddles,Puns, Wisdom/Knowledge Q&A, Teasers, WITTY videos, memes & the Likes. 

Token Name: Al-Buraq (BURQ)

Website: https://al-buraq.net/

Whitepaper: https://al-buraq.net/whitepaper/


The main purpose of this token is to spread awareness of Holy Quran to Muslims. Also this token will be used for Al-Quran Online teachers. call centers and Individuals who are teaching online to students abroad and within country will be able to use this token to get their honorarium.

Token Name: SuperAble (ABLE)

Website: https://superable.net/

Whitepaper: ?


Farmers are given x amount of Token as a consolation for their  big contribution to Food Supply in their village & community. This token can be a souvenir/collection or you can use it as a Utility Token or coupon for discounts.