Althash University Initiative

Mission →  Althash strives to make this initiative a global, technological ‘blockchain -movement’ that attracts students of advanced coding expertise and backgrounds. By interacting with many developers that know how to create smart contracts. We are able to apply their skills to HTMLCoin and create high utility applications that will be applicable in everyday life. Tipping bots, payment systems, token reward programs are all examples of some of the creations that students can make from HTMLCoins smart contracting software.

        This initiative will target blockchain clubs across the globe, particularly those at Universities in the United States. The program will allow students to take part in an  internship- like program with Althash where they will create smart contracts using Solidity, and other coding languages like nodejs. Gifted HTMLCoin and CDEX token will be given to these clubs to assist in the creation of high- utility applications. This initiative will expand the horizons for each students developmental career as well as promote further their understanding of emerging software in the blockchain space.

        Upon completion of the program, students will receive a course Certificate and an Althash intiative ‘ranking’. Highly qualified students will also be recognized by the program administrators and will be offered employment with Althash to create related applications down the road.